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STRETCH has been activated.
STRETCH--Mehlville School District's Gifted Education Program   

STRETCH is an acronym for:
Supplementary Teaching Resources for Educationally Talented Children

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STRETCH Classes begin - August 25, 2014
STRETCH Daily Schedules
Monday - 1st/2nd grade
Tuesday - 3rd grade
Wednesday - 4th grade
Thursday - 5th grade

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2014-2015 STRETCH Calendar - Click Calendar

STRETCH Supply List 2014-2015 - Click LIST
Journal Journeys

Where in the world are our journals? STRETCH students display their journals they've received back from travelers around the world.

STRETCH Middle School Roller Coaster Competition
STRETCH middle school students competed in roller coaster construction. Students designed and constructed their roller coasters which were then judged by district staff. Click here to view the list of winners. Click here to view slideshow - which shows the winners by their roller coaster and also photos of roller coasters being constructed.
Invention Convention
Fourth and fifth grade STRETCH inventors displayed their projects at the Invention Convention in Witzel gym on Thursday, March 5.

Click here to view slideshow.
Rube Goldberg Competition
The Mehlville School District Rube Goldberg competition for students in the middle school STRETCH program took place recently. Students were commissioned with building a simple machine to pop a balloon. Click here to watch student innovation in action.
Equations = FUN!!
The Equations Club students finished up their club meetings with a competition at the University of Missouri St. Louis on Tuesday, Feb. 24, 2015. While they had fun learning the game and practicing their skills, the majority of the students raised their hands when they were asked if they had fun at the competition. Club members got the opportunity to compete and learn from students throughout the St. Louis area while they played four rounds of the game Equations. At the end, the following teams received special recognition:

Best Team Name
Third Grade
Jedi Addcademy
Collin Gleason, Sanjoy Datta, Sam Herbig, Cole Russell, Chloe Housewright

Fifth Grade
Negative Narwhals
Alen Avdic, Alex Schumacher, David Tapp, Samantha Kujath

Performance with Excellence
Third Grade
The Mt. Everest Team: We Summit Up!-
Kat Bucholtz, Orlando Hong, Allison Maloney, Caden McGuirk, Toby Sommer

Fourth Grade
Smooth Operators
Rylee Brawley, Luke Dannegger, Mackenzie Earney, Steffan Mayer, Tyler Updike

Fifth Grade
The π of the Tiger
Auston Guetschow, Matt Jackson, Caden McGilvery, Raveen Noory, Joey Powers

Click here for 3rd grade Equations slideshow
Click here for 4th grade Equations slideshow
Click here for 5th grade Equations slideshow

STRETCH Kids Shave Heads for Cure
STRETCH third grader Collin Gleason and fourth grader Tommy Hennessey joined in the festivities as they both got their head shaved to help find a cure for childhood cancers. Collin and Tommy joined Alt Academy students and staff on Thursday, Feb. 12, for a St. Baldrick's fundraising event, where over $6,800 was raised.

Click here to view slideshow of the before, during and after shots.
Click here to view video.
Students Put on 'Service' Puppet Show

STRETCH fifth-graders worked for weeks on a play demonstrating the benefits of service. Click here to
read more.

Click here to view the video.

Students Design 'Shoe-Houses' for Famous Clients
STRETCH students are getting lessons on problem-solving.

Teachers are utilizing used shoes, nursery rhymes, and cartoon characters to bring those lessons home. Students are playing the role of real-estate developers, commissioned by Old Mother Hubbard to re-hab her old "shoe-house." They then have to customize the updates to make the property appealing to one of four potential home buyers-- Humpty Dumpty, the Little Mermaid, Dave the Minion, and Olaf, the snowman from ‘Frozen.’

Teacher Amy DeGuire said the exercise teaches students problem and outcome identification, solution brainstorming, and how to develop, implement, and evaluate a plan.

“This teaches them to do a lot of creative problem-solving," said DeGuire. "It's thinking on their feet using limited resources, cooperation, and team work."

To see a video about the exercise, click here.
Garden Party
First and second grade STRETCH students in the Explorer class - Meet Me in St. Louis learned about City Garden. They are creating a STRETCH Garden by planting flowers and creating a sculpture. As inspiration, the students learned about Dale Chihuly and his infamous glass sculptures, one of which can be found hanging in the entrance to the Missouri Botanical Garden. The students reused clear plastic bottles, painted them with permanent markers, and then cut them into flower or spiral shapes. The bottles were then heated with a heat cut to resemble the twisted glass found in a real Chihuly sculpture. By the end of the project, even the older STRETCH students and Alternative Academy students were involved by creating their own "Chihuly". All of the bottles are being attached to an inverted cone frame at the STRETCH entrance to the Witzel Learning Center. Click here to view slideshow. 
Elementary STRETCH Center
3100 Lemay Ferry Road
St. Louis, MO 63125

Middle School STRETCH
Bernard Middle School
Margaret Buerkle Middle School
Oakville Middle School
Washington Middle School

STRETCH Main Office
69 Randolph Place
St. Louis, MO 63125
Office: 314-467-7850
Fax: 314-467-7898

*If you need immediate assistance please contact the main office at 314-467-7850.

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Useful Information
STRETCH Forms and General Information
 2014-2015 STRETCH Handbook
2014-2015 STRETCH Handbook
 STRETCH Information 2014-2015
Student Supply List - Elementary
2014-2015 STRETCH Calendar
Staff Roster
+ Black, Charissa
+ Bresler, Dr. Jeff
+ Dees, Terri
+ DeGuire, Amy
+ Ette, Betty
+ FitzWilliam, Erin
+ Kernen, Linda
+ Knopf, Natalie
+ Muessig, Heather
+ Seim, Kelly
+ Ziegler, Julie
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